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A message from European philanthropy: Brexit will not interrupt the flow of donations and goodwill between nations

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The UK’s official exit from the EU has happened. But regardless of that, people in the UK and mainland Europe still have a broad range of mutual interests. We’ll continue to work side-by-side on pressing issues. We always did, and we’ll carry on doing so.

For those of us privileged to lead some of Europe’s largest charitable foundations, times of political upheaval may bring a degree of uncertainty, but they also remind us of our raison d’être. We are called foundations for a reason; we have endured, in some instances, longer than the countries that we now call home.

Today we belong to the wider world of civil society which is the cornerstone of our collective societies.

From this vantage point, we have a responsibility to look beyond the political change of today and focus on our missions to shape communities and nations for the better over timescales that are often beyond the reach of electoral cycles, ingrained government bodies and even many modern nation states.

As change sweeps across the continent of Europe, we stand together to say our mission to build bridges and bring people together to improve our world is as powerful as ever.

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