Global Futures

GlobalFuturesOver the past five years the International Civil Society Centre has grown from a good idea into a unique global location where the leading international civil society organisations (ICSOs) regularly meet to discuss, learn from each other and develop joint projects. With a handful of exceptions, all the leaders of major ICSOs have attended conferences and participated in the Centre’s projects, most of them on a regular basis. Fully in line with the Centre’s mission to help ICSOs master the future, they have asked leaders of many of the Centre’s key stakeholders to contribute their thoughts on the future of the sector. They asked the question: “From your perspective, what is one of the major changes you expect and how do you think ICSOs should position themselves in order to successfully navigate that change?” The answers provided in the brief articles are an impressive overview of some of the major challenges and opportunities ICSOs will face over the next few years. They also serve as a ‘to-do list’ for the International Civil Society Centre, describing the areas in which ICSOs will need support.

International Civil Society Centre 2013, 33 pages
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