Maecenata Schriften Band 10: Towards a Voice in The Public Sphere?

Band 10

Jennifer Eschweiler

Towards a Voice in The Public Sphere?
Deliberation with Muslim Civil Society in Berlin

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This book focuses on Muslim civil society in Berlin and their efforts to gain recognition in the public sphere. Guided by an interest in the democratic function of civil society participation and its emancipatory potential in terms of active citizenship three case studies reveal how Muslim interest organizations are established as actors in the political process. Through the lense of a Habermasian understanding of deliberative democracy the analysis provides a thorough contribution to the discussion of democratic challenges in pluralist societies. It highlights the interplay of structural conditions set by the system and the agency dimension in civil society and encourages the institutionalisation of deliberative structures.

2013. XIV/274 S., kt. € 49,-. ISBN 978-3-8282-0588-8

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